“Bad Teeth Zine Factory” was a 5 issue monthly zine series planned for 2013. Each issue had a different theme and in some instances, a different format. You can buy copies from the Bad Teeth Store here.



32 pages. B+W with full colour pull-out poster.

Buy BTZF #1 here


BTZF #2 – ATP Top 32

This issue is a collection of pencil portraits of the top 32 players on the ATP world tour for the month of February! Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Nadal and the best players of the sport of tennis are all here illustrated on yellow “tennis ball” paper.

32 pages. B+W with yellow “tennis ball” paper stock.

But BTZF #2 here


BTZF #3 – The Guest Artist Issue

This issue is a very special collection of Bad Teeth illustrations by over 50 local and international artists! Hand-picked by Bad Teeth, these artists have drawn some of the cutest, sickest and straight up coolest versions of the Bad Teeth characters ever seen!

56 pages. Full colour print.

Buy BTZF #3 here


BTZF #4 – “Activity Fun & Colouring Book”

This issue is a colouring/activity book, featuring all of your favourite Bad Teeth characters! There are mazes, work scrambles, spot the difference puzzles, how to draw Bad Teeth guides and much more!

Look out for special drawing & design exercises in the book with the hashtag #badteethcomics!! Post these to your instagram/tumblr once you’ve completed the tasks!!

28 pages. B+W print & A5 size.

Buy BTZF #4 here


The fifth issue in a 12 issue series planned for 2013! Australian artist Bad Teeth will be releasing a new art zine on the 25th of each month all year long!

This issue is a b+w photographic book, collecting iPhone images from the past year, including trips to New York, San Francisco and New Orleans.

42 pages. B+W print & A5 size.

Buy BTZF #5 here


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